Retail Services

Your business is retail. So is ours.

For almost 20 years, Haman Midwest has served many of the most respected brands in retail, across the nation and in our backyard. We’ve earned a reputation for understanding and serving the unique needs of retail in-store marketing. Whether it’s new store openings, time-sensitive campaigns or sign replenishment, Haman gets the right stuff to the right stores at the right time. Our retail services include:

  • Brand Consistency – No one cherishes your brand like Haman Midwest. We are G7-certified master printers, applying the most sophisticated processes and on-press technology to ensure accurate and consistent color reproduction across all of your imagery. We understand that you may choose to work with multiple print providers on each campaign. That’s why we work with you and/or your vendors to ensure that all campaign graphics meet your critical brand standards for reproduction quality and consistency. Learn more.
  • 3-D Package Printing – Haman Midwest offers full-color, folding carton capabilities to package and display your products. Our exclusive ENHANCE™ cold fusion foil process makes your packing stand out with eye-popping metallic effects. Learn more.
  • Sign Kit Packing – You have more important things to do than to micro-manage sign kit fulfillment for your store base. Do yourself (and your stores) a favor and let us handle your sign kit fulfillment campaigns. Our focus on flawless kit fulfillment means a high-degree of accuracy, freeing you and store associates from the burden of tracking down missing elements. Each kit is custom packed per each store’s unique requirements, reducing print run quantities for substantial savings. And your store associates will appreciate the organization of kit contents with clearly marked materials and an easy-to-read checklist. We also take great care to package your signage to protect contents during transit.
  • Shipment Tracking & Delivery Verification Reports – After your campaign kits ship, Haman provides you with a comprehensive tracking report sorted by store # that includes: a “clickable” tracking hyperlink for real-time status, # of boxes shiped, carrier/service, delivery date (if delivered) and who signed for the package. This report is updated daily and can be sent to store management.
  • Sign Replenishment – Like accuracy, agility is critical to the success of your in-store campaigns. Haman Midwest operates at the speed of retail, quickly replenishing lost or damaged signage for your store base.
  • Store Base Logistics – Haman Midwest defines logistics as getting the right kits to the right stores at the right time – never early, never late. Our operations are designed to scale rapidly to handle your large-scale, last-minute campaigns. Located in the heart of the Midwest, we have a strategic advantage when it comes to sign kit distribution. We’re located within a one-day drive or one-hour flight of more than half the population of the U.S. and Canada. This proximity not only means faster deliveries, but also substantial cost savings from third-party carriers, depending on the destination and class of service (e.g., often we can ship overnight at 2nd-day rates). In fact, Inbound Logistics magazine recently ranked Columbus as one of the nation’s logistics hotspots.
  • 11th-Hour-Project Specialists – Haman routinely turns last-minute retail projects faster than the competition. For example, in 2011, a large retailer ordered the same store-based signage on a Friday night from three different printing companies to ship Saturday for Monday morning delivery. Because we completed and shipped our kits first (by a long shot), the retailer canceled the other two orders and awarded us the entire project.
  • Direct Mail – Haman Midwest also drives foot traffic with comprehensive services for direct marketing. Our full-service mailing department includes U.S. Postal Service in-plant mail verification, a fleet of high-speed, inkjet address systems, laser personalization, as well as card tip-on, gluing and read/write verification systems for personalized matched mailings. Learn more.