Capture the attention of your audience with ENHANCE™ cold foil fusion — at a fraction of the cost and complexity of conventional foil applications!

ENHANCE™ is Haman Midwest’s exclusive, cost-effective method of applying foil to marketing projects at full production speed. Utilize foil effects for point-of-purchase (POP), packaging, direct mail and general print projects. Double your color palette with radiant captivating colors. The foil is both environmentally safe (recyclable) and consumer safe and works on coated paper ranging from 70# text to 24 pt.

If you thought foil effects were reserved for only the largest print budgets, it’s time to rethink your use of foil. It’s time to ENHANCE™ your next print piece. Our inline, cold foil fusion offers significant advantages over conventional foil applications:

  • In-line Process – ENHANCE™ combines real foil with conventional offset printing in one in-line process, significantly shortening overall delivery times and enabling tighter registration of fine detail foil effects.
  • No Foil Stamping or Dies – ENHANCE™ saves you money and time by eliminating time-consuming specialty services, while giving you complete control: simply create a layer in your artwork as if it were a spot PMS color.
  • Budget Friendly Foil – Because processes are inline and require no foil stamping or dies, ENHANCE™ allows you to add eye-catching, radiant foil effects to your print projects for not much more than the cost of an additional spot color.
  • Fine-Detail Foil Effects – ENHANCE™ is able to reproduce foil effects with very fine detail. Easily apply foil effects to serif typefaces 5 pt. and above and sans serif typefaces 3 pt. and above. Fine lines of 0.3 pt. and above appear with excellent edge definition.
  • Full-Color Support – ENHANCE™ supports in-line foil effects with four-color process inks and PMS color matching; our color palette is at least twice as large as those offered by conventional foil techniques. Contact us today for a free Designer Tool Kit, a foil swatch book that shows side-by-side comparisons of all PMS color conversions independently and printed on top of silver foil.