Direct Mail Services

Direct mail is inherently a high-risk operation. There are lots of “moving parts,” and the cost of failure is high, especially in light of rising postage costs. And, finding a vendor with the right mix of production capabilities, direct mail experience and data know-how is no small feat.

Minimize your risk and maximize your results with Haman Midwest. We offer the perfect blend of capabilities and expertise to ensure that your direct mail hits its mark every time, on time. Capabilities include:

  • Data Services & Postal Presorting – We verify, standardize and CASS-certify all data to ensure that all mail pieces are deliverable per U.S. Postal Service requirements. Zip Code presorting optimizes all postal discounts, providing you with substantial savings. Complete list merge, purge, and deduplication services are also available. We offer secure file transfer (S-FTP) services that encrypt all sensitive data during file transfers.
  •  U.S.P.S. In-Plant Mail Verification – Haman saves you time and gives you peace of mind by verifying the deliverability of all your mail pieces before they reach the postal processing facility.
  • High-Speed Inkjet Addressing Systems – Our inkjet printing systems offer the capacity and redundancy you rely on to support your large-scale, fast-turn direct mail campaigns. Inkjet resolution rivals “laser quality,” so that the address panel maintains the overall quality of each piece.
  • Card Tip-On – Portable offers increase response rates. Haman provides card tip-on services for loyalty cards, portable offers, keys, etc.
  • In-line Bindery Capabilities – Whether it’s wafer seals, fugitive gluing or plow folding, Haman offers complete in-line bindery services to quickly finish each successful mailing.
  • Read/Write/Verification – Matched mailings share one critical challenge: making sure each personalized mail piece matches. Haman automates this task with in-line read-write systems that verify each piece by OCR/serial number or bar code.
  • Mail Piece Delivery Tracking – Track deliveries of national mailings by region, state or individual home addresses with mail tracking reports from Haman. Mail track is enabled by using the U.S. Postal Service Intelligent Mail barcode, which also supports enhanced address-quality services, including: updated address-change information and return-mail service.
  • NDC/SCF Destination Drops – Haman offers logistical support for NDC/SCF drop shipments to save you money and coordinate the timing of offers nationwide for in-home deliveries.
  • Commingling & Copallitization – Save even more money with bulk options for postal discounts.