No Matter How You Slice It, New Cutting Equipment = Faster Throughput for You

Let’s cut to the chase: New cutting equipment probably excites us more than you. But here’s why you should care:

  • More cutting capacity means faster delivery for you: Our new Wohlenberg High-Speed Guillotine offers cutting-edge <groan…> engineering and automation to increase availability and capacity. For you, this technology trims the cutting cycle by more than 30%, to meet your most-demanding delivery dates.
  • New high-die capabilities enhance your direct mail campaigns: Our new LPM Label punching machine produces loyalty/membership cards, labels, playing cards and other wallet-sized pieces. This high-die cutting machine is all about precision, producing extremely smooth, nick-free rounded corners and uniform edges at an incredibly fast throughput rate. For you, this means new ways to increase response rates for your direct-mail campaigns.

At Haman, investments in technology are investments in you. Learn more about our print services.