G7 Master Printer

G7 Master Certification  … Your Assurance of Brand QualityG7 Master Seal

As a print buyer, perhaps your toughest challenge is reproducing your brand imagery consistently across varied substrates, geographies and vendors. The most important career decision you make may be selecting a long-term print partner to entrust with your brand.

On their best day, every print shop can crank out a few nice samples. The trick is to find a print provider with the technologies, process controls and in-house expertise to reproduce your brand’s imagery consistently across all media, all shifts and all campaigns  – now, the next time and every time.

As a G7 Master Printer, Haman Midwest is among the elite when it comes to excellence in print reproduction. Our G7 Master certification proves that our processes, staff and equipment are tightly managed to control gray balance and tonal neutrality across all substrates, as defined by the highest industry standards. For you, Haman’s G7 Master certification is your assurance that your marketing collateral, point-of-purchase signage and packaging (i.e., your brand!) share visual consistency across the board.

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