Want to enhance response rates to your direct mail offers? Try adding a pop-out/tip-on card to your piece.

Recently, Haman Midwest purchased a new LPM label punching machine that allows us to produce your loyalty and wallet-sized cards in house with clean, uniform edges (no nicks). By combining precision high-die cutting with existing tip-on equipment, we can now offer you a complete process that ensures numerical sequencing of your variably-imaged cards, such as those with unique membership account numbers or bar codes.

Why Should You Use Tip-On Cards?

  • “Involvement devices” invite the recipient to interact with your mail piece, making it more interesting, memorable, and harder to ignore.
  • Portable offers, such as in-store coupons, are difficult to ignore. Your mail piece may get tossed, but wallet-sized offers stand a good chance of making their way into your recipients’…uh…wallets.
  • Membership cards emphasize exclusivity, and people love to belong! Structure your offer as joining a club or organization, and personalize it with pre-printed contact information and benefits.
  • Loyalty cards make your customers feel special, while adding credibility to your loyalty program – and your brand! They are a steady reminder that shopping your brand = rewards.
Other Involvement/Tip-On Devices
In addition to coupons and membership/loyalty cards, other effective involvement devices include:
  • Gift cards
  • Punch cards (a type of loyalty card)
  • Labels
  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Award-claim tickets (that drive people to your store or trade show booth)
  • Event tickets
  • Business cards
  • Playing cards/trading cards
  • Appointment reminders
  • Handy reference cards (e.g., emergency phone numbers, at-a-glance calendars)
  • Keys (to unlock a prize-giveaway lock box)
  • Coins

When combined with variable-data messaging, portable offers are one of the best ways to make your direct mail personal, unique, and engaging.

As always, Haman partners with you to enhance your direct marketing programs. Our experts will recommend best practices for personalization, design, and substrates (PVC plastic, paper, lamination, aluminum plastic, etc.) to maximize your campaign’s impact, brand and card durability.



Let’s cut to the chase: New cutting equipment probably excites us more than you. But here’s why you should care:

  • More cutting capacity means faster delivery for you: Our new Wohlenberg High-Speed Guillotine offers cutting-edge <groan…> engineering and automation to increase availability and capacity. For you, this technology trims the cutting cycle by more than 30%, to meet your most-demanding delivery dates.
  • New high-die capabilities enhance your direct mail campaigns: Our new LPM Label punching machine produces loyalty/membership cards, labels, playing cards and other wallet-sized pieces. This high-die cutting machine is all about precision, producing extremely smooth, nick-free rounded corners and uniform edges at an incredibly fast throughput rate. For you, this means new ways to increase response rates for your direct-mail campaigns.

At Haman, investments in technology are investments in you. Learn more about our print services.


Did you hear the news? SouthPrint recently changed its name to Haman Midwest.

As you can imagine, the decision to change our name after many decades did not come lightly. We wanted the name to more properly represent our family’s business – as we are not located in the South, and we offer far more than just print services. Here’s just some of what we do.

SouthPrint was a name held over from The Southard Printing Co., which reached back to the early 20th century. However, for the last 15 years, we’ve been a Haman-family owned and operated business, located in the heart of the Midwest: Columbus, Ohio.

The new name is not a reflection of change in ownership, location, or corporate structure. Rather, you should simply expect the same continued great service, and perhaps take note of our wide – and expanding – range of available services. Going forward, we are looking to expand and improve upon our services, making a concerted effort to accommodate your needs better than ever with creative, efficient and effective solutions.

We’d love to hear what you think of our new branding and name change and, more importantly, how Haman Midwest can help you and your organization be more successful!